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The screen Size is measured in inches and diagonally. The diagonal measurement sets standards basic screen according to their dimensions: length and width.


Calculate dimensions for 8 inches to 20 inches Laptop Screens


The laptops come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The laptop screens can range from 7-inches to 18 inches for larger. Most of the time, the seller will list the available screen Size. However, it is possible to measure the screen of your laptop yourself if you want to know the exact Size. Because there are so many different widths and lengths laptop screens, you will need to measure diagonally.





Here are a few standard laptop screen sizes :


8 inch Screens8 inch Screens
10 inch Screens10 inch Screens  10 inch Screens
11 inch Screens11 inch Screens  11 inch Screens
13 inch Screens13 inch Screens  13 inch Screens
14 Inch Screens14 inch Screens  14 inch Screens  14 inch Screens
15 Inch Screens15 inch Screens  15 inch Screens  15 inch Screens
16 Inch Screens16 inch Screens  16 inch Screens
17 Inch Screens17 inch Screens  17 inch Screens
18 Inch Screens18 Inch Screens
20 Inch Screens20 Inch Screens

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